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FORMA is a communication agency founded by Yuri Kassin and
Katya Kassina in collaboration with artists, musicians, architects
and with technological productions.
This means that our clients hire us to create installations, theater performances, interactive applications, interactive interdisciplinary performances, concerts, light shows, online broadcasts, global exhibition spaces, and of course original events.
Our product is a collaboration of high technologies with the concepts of modern artists of various directions.
Онлайн платформа фестиваля Context. Diana Vishneva 2020
Форма х Сбербанк
Форма х Volkswagen
Интерактивный перформанс
Форма x Yota
Форма х Dewar's
Форма х Gordons
Форма 2019
Фирменный стиль
и сайт фестиваля
Форма 2018
Our customers
Information partners
Our team will help you find an effective solution within the existing possibilities: artistic, technical, and financial. As a link that is interested in the final result, we will offer reasonable compromises while maintaining maximum quality.

Our portfolio includes experience working
with a large number of contractors
in the framework of promo, digital projects, engineering, construction,
and equipment selection.
We work with the best artists of Russia and the world, sound producers, sound engineers, lighting designers, theater and film directors, stage designers with a worldwide reputation. Together with them, we can make an ordinary product stand out.
How we provide services
Our undoubted advantage is the creation of interdisciplinary projects in which the most famous artists from different fields, together with architects, engineers and digital agencies, create global concepts.
With a wealth of experience in the interdisciplinary space and a marketing background in large agencies, we are able to offer the most sought-after concepts.
We have done more than 10 international festivals and we have a huge experience in attracting audiences and selling tickets.
Our portfolio includes the most unexpected and popular digital projects in collaboration with famous artists and designers.
We collaborate with the most famous theater set designers, international artists, and the most sought-after architects. In our projects, architectural objects and visual art border on each other.
Мы объединяем свойства обоих видов искусства, чтобы создать совершенно новую форму для пространства.
+ Concepts and development of ideas
+ Event Planning
+ Event design
+ Production and production
of the event
+ Management
+ Working with Instagram/
Youtube bloggers
+ Cooperation
with VK publics /
Telegram channels
+ YAN and Google Network
+ Targeting in social networks
+ Classic PR
+ Digital PR
+ Design of exhibition spaces
+ Decorative design of events
+ Build sound systems and sound
sound by producers and sound engineers
+ Engineering and artistic solution for
projection systems and light installations
+ Rent of sound, light and projection
+ Creative development,
modeling and design
+ Graphics and visual effects
+ Mobile App production
+ Video shooting and post-production
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